Online News Consumption and What It Says About Us

I think we can all agree that the times have changed and are still changing at a rapid pace. The days when you could buy a ‘pape’ from a newsboy on the street corner for 7 cents are behind us. In fact, newspapers have all but died out by now it seems. According to this 2016 article by Pew Research Center, only about 20% of U.S. adults often get their news from print newspapers… and 48% of those folks are over the age of 65! Only 5% of adults age 18-29 still acquire print newspapers. This makes total sense to me, a 22-year-old who fits snugly in that demographic. It also makes sense to me because the internet has changed the game! Why go to something as archaic as a newspaper when after only a few clicks, every news article ever published is right there in front of you on the computer screen?

However, despite my original hypothesis, the internet is not the most common way for Americans to consume their news. Television still holds the torch with 57% of adults consuming cable, local, or nightly news, according to the same article by Pew Research Center.Interestingly, though, among the age demographics of 18-49 year-olds, the internet still inches slightly higher than TV. So only the 50-65+ demographic still prefers TV news to online news.

Although print newspapers are pretty much out of the picture, that doesn’t mean that those newspapers are out of business! Contrarily, the major newspapers in the U.S. (The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, and the like) have all adjusted to the new internet-obsessed generation we live in and have digitalized their papers. Furthermore, those sites are the most viewed news sites on the internet! Matthew Hindman, an internet researcher and author, affirms this notion in his 2011 article titled “Less of the Same: The Lack of Local News on the Internet.” In it, he explains how news consumers almost always prefer national news sources to local ones online. Check out Hindman’s words: “The broad landscape of online local news is easy to summarize. Local news is a tiny part of Web usage; collectively, local news outlets receive less than half of a percent of all page views in a typical market… Only a handful of local news Websites—17 out of 1074… are unaffiliated with traditional print or broadcast media.” The good news is that these national news outlets are still getting some web traffic; the bad news is that news sites in general occupy a relatively miniscule part of the internet. Who knows? Maybe news consumption as a whole will continue to decline!

Now enters the question: what about social media? Surely the youngest generation, Generation Z, is getting their news from Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook! Well, according to this Pew Research Center article, that is incorrect! In fact, social media news has only barely edged its way ahead of newspapers! However, according to this article, when it comes to specific social media platforms, here are the standings: “Facebook is still far and away the site Americans most commonly use for news, with little change since 2017. About four-in-ten Americans (43%) get news on Facebook. The next most commonly used site for news is YouTube, with 21% getting news there, followed by Twitter at 12%. Smaller portions of Americans (8% or fewer) get news from other social networks like Instagram, LinkedIn or Snapchat.” Who knows how these statistics will change among the next generation, though?

All of this data is very interesting, especially since the internet is still young and its effects on politics are advancing every day. Hindman opens his article that I referenced earlier by making this statement: “Perhaps no part of the American media environment is as little understood as Web‐based local news.” Surely more research needs to be done on this topic! Only time will tell how emerging technologies will continue to evolve news consumption trends in America.




2 thoughts on “Online News Consumption and What It Says About Us

  1. Interesting article. Full of statistics.  Not your typical blog post.  I enjoyed learning.  You are full of surprises!  I enjoy your multifaceted writing style!And I think you are cool.


  2. Hey – I just re-read this article… now working for a newspaper conglomerate. Wow. It means a lot more now. Thanks for the engaging read.


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