Hello friends! My name is Scott and I like to write.


In actuality, it’s not the act of writing I love but the creative process behind it; all creative things inspire me, no matter the format in which they’re delivered.

I believe God created us humans to love stories – whether fictional or based in reality is up to the individual – nonetheless people crave stories. My desire for this blog is to deliver stories from me to you. Through my stories I hope to plant thoughts in your mind that will make you say “hm, interesting” or simply to make you laugh.

Mostly, however, this site is for me. It acts as the landing ground for all of my favorite work – a succinct place I can revisit and show to others I care about. These are the best of my written shorts, and I am quite proud of these stories.

So without further ado, go read some Scott-crafted stories, and I hope you enjoy my site!