If I were a bird

I’d have vertigo

And fall to the ground


I wasn’t made for the sky 

I don’t have the wings

That I need to fly


It’s easy to say 

‘I wish I were them,

I want what they have’


But It’s better to say

‘I’m not a bird,

I’ll make the most of what I do have’


So here’s the conclusion of it all:

Let’s stop wishing

And start living

With what we’re given



Ah the rush

To feel the cool

The colors vibrant

It’s so surreal


Close your eyes

And take it in

To not enjoy it

Is a sin


I don’t understand

The folks who say

They’re content where they are

They’re happy, they’ll stay


No need to explore

The world around you,

You have all you need

Right here about you?


What about perspective?

How can you have it

When all you do

Is stay protected?


Get on out there!

See the sights!

Be a bird 

And enjoy the flight