Oh my son, lay down your head

I’ll watch over you;

Protect you from the lions and the wolves.

And when you rise I’ll be here still to listen to your dreams.

Oh my son, do not despair,

I will never leave;

Through the pain I’ll lead you by the hand,

And one day soon you’ll see my face and forever live in peace.



Hold my bleeding heart and keep it beating

Sometimes I can’t tell if I am breathing

These groanings in my chest, they are greedy

But really it’s just you that I’m needing


We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time. Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies.

Romans 8:22-23

rain is beautiful, isn’t it?

Everybody’s broken and I’m no different.

I feel unworthy, deficient.

The great lie in my heart: I’ve gotta be perfect to serve.

Truth is the best of us are really just the worst of us.

I face addictions too, you know, I face temptations just like you. I’m insecure, afraid, just trying to make it to the next day.

The true test of faith is what you do with shame; do you let it sit and simmer, or do you give yourself some grace?

I wish life were easier, but it only gets harder.

I hope I can learn to see beauty in pain, oh, I just can’t wait til I can dance in the rain.

re: turn

i feel lost, i feel hopeless, i feel broken, even though i know deep down
that i’m chosen.
even still, in my heart, i am frozen.

you tell me not to fight, that you’ve spoken. all these lies hold no weight, for
you have risen. all my chains are on the ground, they have fallen!

look, look, look where i am and where i started! redemption’s story being told
though i’ve parted.

“return to me,” says the Lord, “return to me.”

Everything is Grace

A gentle rain upon my face…

that is grace.

A vicious downpour that leaves no trace…

that is grace.


every breath, every step, every touch, every taste,

every single little thing…


Abounding sin is the terror of the world, but abounding grace is the hope of mankind.” -A. W. Tozer


The mountains rise

Above telephone wire

Where ravens perch

Before flying higher


I set my gaze way up there

And wish that I were above it

It must be so majestic

To stand upon the summit


But I am down here

A nothing of nothings

I want nothing more

Than to rise above something


Yet It’s comforting to know

Yes even to believe

That the one who created the mountains

cares for me


The mountains rise

Above telephone wire

And I am content

To remain and admire

A Sad Scene

The room was dark, save a dying candle which was set upon the table beside the bed, where a small body lay. Peace. 

The flickering light played gently on the wall that the bed was nudged up against and if you let your eyes close halfway and allowed a teardrop to blur your vision, the ghostly shapes would become a sailor on a sailboat, waving to his lady who stands on the dock, crying softly, already mourning the distance between them. Sorrow. 

The boy was not the only one in the room; there his mother sat beside his bed, weeping bitterly into her hands, no one there to comfort her, for the boy was gone, a leaf blown away from a tree by the gentle wind. Oh the gentle wind. Loneliness. 

And with a final spark, the candle’s flame went out, leaving the room in blackness, the only sounds that of the mother’s sobs. Spent. 


I’m so human

I’m so broken 

God please show me

Where to go from here


Why is His love not enough?

What more is there to gain?

I keep wasting time on substitutes

And it only ends in pain. 


I’ve had enough of this world

I’ve seen enough to know

That it only leaves you broken

And wanting so much more


And that’s what He came into

He met us where we are

Just to prove that He

Can handle all our scars


He took the weight of sin

Which God knows I can’t bear

And killed it on the tree

My shame was His to wear


Yet somehow still

I grip this world tight

I refuse to let go

And accept what I know is right


I’m stuck here in my failures

But I know they’re not true

I’m only human

But my future lies with you


If I were a bird

I’d have vertigo

And fall to the ground


I wasn’t made for the sky 

I don’t have the wings

That I need to fly


It’s easy to say 

‘I wish I were them,

I want what they have’


But It’s better to say

‘I’m not a bird,

I’ll make the most of what I do have’


So here’s the conclusion of it all:

Let’s stop wishing

And start living

With what we’re given