Airplane Romance

They met on a plane. Romantic, isn’t it? A domestic flight out of JFK airport, they were both returning to Houston after visiting family for Christmas. They hit it off right away.

“Hope this isn’t weird, but you look a lot like my cousin!”

“Ha! That’s not weird! It’s pretty cool, actually!”

They talked until they felt the plane moving down the runway, ready to take off.

“Hey. If I snore, feel free to nudge me. I’m notorious for snoring.” She said with a smirk, planning to sleep the whole way home to H-town.

“Sounds good.” He smiled back at her. She was beautiful. Short and curly, her fiery hair stood out to him as extraordinary. She struck him as a free-willed, stubborn type. That didn’t bother him though. In fact, he always imagined himself settling down with that kind of girl. He was laid back, a follower rather than a leader, and overall just an average guy. He found life enjoyable by the people he put himself around.

Twenty minutes later, the plane was in the air, droning on drearily, pushing through the mellow clouds like a stick through a marshmallow.

He couldn’t sleep, no thanks to his seat mate next to him. Sure enough, she was snoring. He sighed and turned in his seat slightly, trying to find a restful place, but he couldn’t ignore the irregular noises beside him.

Should I wake her up and tell her she’s snoring? He wondered.

The flight attendant approached, offering blankets to the passengers. Thinking quick, he asked for two. He glanced over at his new friend next to him, the small window bearing the weight of her head.

“Hey.” He tapped her shoulder. No response. “Hey.” He tugged her sleeve. No response. “Hey.” He shook her shoulder gently and her eyes slid open, unveiling her small, brown eyes. She sighed heavily.

“Was I snoring already?” She yawned.

He grinned. “Yep. Also, I thought you might want a blanket.”

“Thanks.” She took the blanket from him, turned her shoulder and once again leaned against the window. She was a sleeping machine.

He smiled, leaned his seat back, and sighed contentedly, shutting his eyes. I could see myself dating this chick. And he slept.


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