Writing Is Hard

He eyed his computer screen with exasperation.

“I will write something!”

For the hundredth time that hour, he vehemently pounded on his keyboard, willing something good to come of it. He finished a sentence. He hated it. He moved on, writing another sentence. He hated it even more than the last sentence. He wrote half of the next sentence before highlighting the entire section of text and clicking delete.

He sighed in annoyance. “Why is writing so hard!?” He yelled.

For the next three hours, he wasted his time on YouTube, starting with comedy videos and ending watching a fainting goat falling down a slide.

In frustration, he clicked back to his Word document, wincing at the blank page.

“I had one goal today: write something. That’s all I ask! Is that so hard!?”

A booming voice from heaven caught him off guard. “When you can’t think of something to make up, tell a true story!”

Was it God? Was it his imagination? He didn’t care. He finally had an idea.

The next hour watched him clack away at his keyboard, struggling to find the words that he wanted. When he finally finished, he realized that the story he had just told was poorly written and sloppy. But he didn’t care. He had written something.

He posted it.


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