The Moon

A clear night, stars litter the sky.

I feel huge, a giant among flies.

Twelve O’clock, the sun long gone;

Morning waits in anticipation.


A lot can happen now till then.

I watch the bats flutter in.

The wolves howl, the foxes hunt;

I listen to the fat hogs squeal and grunt.


But in my time I always die,

No matter how hard I try and try.

Morning overtakes me and I am hid.

Each day the sun: “Good rid!”


I yawn and stretch and say my prayers;

throughout the day I sleep upstairs.

In the sun the people play;

At night, alone, I’m left with strays.


Is it a cruel world in which I dwell?

My story, people rarely tell.

The clock controls me, the sun disowns me,

Yet I refuse to let this be my destiny.


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