There’s a monster in my closet.

I hope he doesn’t bite.

If he even shows his face

He’s gonna have a fight.

There’s a human in my bedroom.

I don’t know what to do.

If he comes looking for a shirt

I might turn a nasty shade of blue.

I’m mighty scared of monsters.

But I can’t let that on.

They can smell fear they say,

But I hope to heaven I’m wrong.

Gee I’m scared of humans.

They’re so loud and smelly.

If he’s not gone in a few days

I think he’ll make me silly.

I’m moving out, that’s for sure.

I can’t cohabit with creeps.

Hang on, I’ll pack my things and go,

Trying hard not to make a peep.

I’m happy the human left the room.

He was quite an ugly sight.

The only problem is when he left

He forgot to turn off the light!


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