Weary Traveler

Friends will come and go with the wind

And you’ll find yourself alone again.


Seasons of loneliness will come

And trust me, they’re no fun.

But in time they’ll pass

Just like the grass

And life will keep on going.


Good friends are hard to find

And when they leave it plays with the mind.

It hurts and leaves you broken,

Just wishing they had spoken

Something – anything to let you know

That where you’re going they won’t go.

And then the pain sets in.


But take heart, weary traveler!

As you walk along, the road gets easier

And while the going is hard

And you feel beaten and scarred,

Just know it can’t last forever.


And when you’re through, you’ll see

Life isn’t even about me

And you’ll open your eyes

And see through the lies

And then help others be free.


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