Ah the rush

To feel the cool

The colors vibrant

It’s so surreal


Close your eyes

And take it in

To not enjoy it

Is a sin


I don’t understand

The folks who say

They’re content where they are

They’re happy, they’ll stay


No need to explore

The world around you,

You have all you need

Right here about you?


What about perspective?

How can you have it

When all you do

Is stay protected?


Get on out there!

See the sights!

Be a bird 

And enjoy the flight



My head is bigger than my heart,

My ego ready to burst apart.

The world doesn’t revolve around me

And what I say today

Won’t change the world anyway.


Here’s what I learned about the economy:

Inflation doesn’t cause harmony

And what does is just a little bit of honesty.

That being said,

I need more heart and less of my head.

Weary Traveler

Friends will come and go with the wind

And you’ll find yourself alone again.


Seasons of loneliness will come

And trust me, they’re no fun.

But in time they’ll pass

Just like the grass

And life will keep on going.


Good friends are hard to find

And when they leave it plays with the mind.

It hurts and leaves you broken,

Just wishing they had spoken

Something – anything to let you know

That where you’re going they won’t go.

And then the pain sets in.


But take heart, weary traveler!

As you walk along, the road gets easier

And while the going is hard

And you feel beaten and scarred,

Just know it can’t last forever.


And when you’re through, you’ll see

Life isn’t even about me

And you’ll open your eyes

And see through the lies

And then help others be free.


There’s a monster in my closet.

I hope he doesn’t bite.

If he even shows his face

He’s gonna have a fight.

There’s a human in my bedroom.

I don’t know what to do.

If he comes looking for a shirt

I might turn a nasty shade of blue.

I’m mighty scared of monsters.

But I can’t let that on.

They can smell fear they say,

But I hope to heaven I’m wrong.

Gee I’m scared of humans.

They’re so loud and smelly.

If he’s not gone in a few days

I think he’ll make me silly.

I’m moving out, that’s for sure.

I can’t cohabit with creeps.

Hang on, I’ll pack my things and go,

Trying hard not to make a peep.

I’m happy the human left the room.

He was quite an ugly sight.

The only problem is when he left

He forgot to turn off the light!


He was faithful then,

He’ll be faithful now;

Never has my God let me down.


My dreams are shattered,

My faith is shaken;

Lord help me in my unbelief.

Here I stand and choose

To revel in Your name;

God of all the world, you are my relief!


He was faithful then,

He’ll be faithful now;

My God, you never let me down

Dream Big

Creativity, candy for the brain.

Colors, relief for the pain.

Money, food for the vain.

Light, life for the stained.

Knowledge, truth for the trained.

Power, a soul engrained.

Crime, to cope with the blame.

Anger, voice of the enflamed.

Courage, to free the enslaved.

America, home to the free and the brave.

Prayers, for the lost and depraved.

Hope, for those alive and in the grave.

Dreams, to strengthen and to save.

Forgotten Soul

A child steps off the train,

His figure, drab and plain.

Poor child, tired and drained,

Walks through the endless rain.

Through the crowds he finds his way,

In the streets, nothing less than a stray.

This boy has no name,

And if he did, would anyone care anyway?

He makes his home among the stained,

With those who are wrongly blamed

For problems caused by those less tamed

than this poor boy could ever dream.

And yet, he’s tossed with bad grain

In the trash bin of disdain,

Left to die with such raw pain.

How bleak, how gray!

But here comes hope unplanned

A sliver of light among the bland!

She is a mother, her heart untanned,

Willing to foster with open hand.

The boy is scared, but sees his fare

And chooses her, who will to care

For him as if her child to stroke his hair

And love him always despite his weight to bear.

The Moon

A clear night, stars litter the sky.

I feel huge, a giant among flies.

Twelve O’clock, the sun long gone;

Morning waits in anticipation.


A lot can happen now till then.

I watch the bats flutter in.

The wolves howl, the foxes hunt;

I listen to the fat hogs squeal and grunt.


But in my time I always die,

No matter how hard I try and try.

Morning overtakes me and I am hid.

Each day the sun: “Good rid!”


I yawn and stretch and say my prayers;

throughout the day I sleep upstairs.

In the sun the people play;

At night, alone, I’m left with strays.


Is it a cruel world in which I dwell?

My story, people rarely tell.

The clock controls me, the sun disowns me,

Yet I refuse to let this be my destiny.